Croatia Day 2

Learning the hard way is–hard.  Forgetting what you don’t know you forgot is a hard way to learn a lesson. Some things matter less than others.  I forgot my blue jean jacket.  No big deal because it only affected me and I have alternative jacket.  But, I also failed to pack cord for my surface.  This is a much bigger deal because I need to be able to write my blog.  There are more people affected by this act of forgetting. Why did I forget it? Because I do not use my surface much at home.  It’s always there but I use my old faithful heavy laptop.  I wanted to travel light. So I grabbed my surface and out the door I went.  I was in the habit of being able to connect to our wifi anytime I wanted.  My husband uses my surface more than I do and he keeps the power chord at his desk.  When my battery is low I go to his desk and plug it in.  So now I am here “Croatia ” and the chord is still at his desk.

Learning in a crisis is a harder way to learn a lesson.  Many lessons in life are much more painful than forgetting a chord.  But here is what I learned.
God is our power source.  Get disconnected from Him and we are useless.  We have no power apart from Him.  Make sure you don’t forget to stay plugged in daily so you are able to do what you were created to do.

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